Escape the warmth! Why These 4 European Cities Are Ideal For A Summer Getaway

Woman posing in front of the Zurich cityscape, Switzerland

While I appreciate a beach vacation, the idea of being trapped in a sweltering heat with no escape from the sun’s intense rays for hours on end is utterly unappealing.

It’s reassuring to know that others share my sentiment, making me less isolated in my feelings.

As scorching heat waves set new records, travelers are increasingly opting out of traditional tropical getaways in favour of revitalizing city breaks that offer a richer cultural experience, according to a recent European Travel Trends report from .

Four typically overlooked towns have surprisingly transformed themselves into the continent’s hottest summer spots, making them must-visit destinations for anyone seeking a respite from their usual routine this coming season.


Warsaw’s recent surge in popularity has been well-documented among those who’ve made an effort to stay abreast of travel trends. 

Dubbed a haven for solo travellers, it initially gained popularity among tourists, and more recently, has earned a spot on the coveted list of “coolest European towns for the summer” – quite the accolade for a destination that truly has everything.

During June to August, the town typically experiences a pleasant climate, with temperatures fluctuating between 20°C and 25°C (68°F and 77°F), creating an ideal setting for extended sightseeing adventures.

While exploring Warsaw, it’s almost certain you won’t want to miss the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the majestic Royal Castle, the historic and iconic Old Town, or the vibrant Market Square (Rynek Starego Miasta).

Music lovers heading to Warsaw can look forward to an exciting summer season, featuring the vibrant sounds of Summer Jazz, the energetic performance of Baby Lasagna, and the timeless beauty of Chopin concerts in the picturesque Łazienki Park.


As a hidden gem in European travel, Belgium’s understated charm belies its undeniable appeal, with mild summers and crisp autumns offering the perfect backdrop for exploring its architectural treasures, which rival those of more famous cities.

Beyond the Grand Palace, the heart of Brussels, lies one of Europe’s most captivating squares, with a plethora of stunning destinations waiting to be discovered, too numerous to count.

Visiting Brussels, I discovered that the Atomium, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, and Parc du Cinquantenaire truly live up to their reputations.

However you choose to proceed, it’s essential to stay engaged and motivated throughout the process.

Thank goodness, it’s a breeze to navigate a culinary paradise where the food scene is incredibly diverse; from delectable waffles, rich chocolates, and indulgent fries smothered in spicy mayo, your palate will be delightfully spoiled with an abundance of options.


As summer arrives in Germany, the atmosphere is often understated – whereas others flock to Mediterranean shores, Germans adapt to the moderate climate, donning lightweight layers for the pleasant 21°C (70°F) temperatures. 

As I’m sure many people are who crave relief from the sweltering temperatures,

To delve into the rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere of Munich, the captivating capital of Bavaria, you’ll require unwavering concentration and unrelenting energy.

Experience the essence of a classic European city by combining the grandeur of Nymphenburg Palace, the serenity of the adjacent English Garden, and the vibrancy of Marienplatz, where the iconic Glockenspiel chimes and lively crowds converge in perfect harmony.

No question, I’d opt for a stroll through the picturesque beer gardens at Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner-Keller, and the iconic Chinese Tower, assuming the circumstances were ideal.


While I’m not typically enamored with destinations known for their steep prices, Zurich is one of those rare exceptions that warrants a visit at least once in a lifetime, even if it’s just for a short while.

In Europe, one of the most appealing aspects is the ease with which you can travel between countries: from any destination on our list, you can seamlessly take a direct train or trip to Switzerland’s central hub, allowing you to experience breathtaking views and luxurious surroundings without breaking the bank.

Whether you’d prefer to while away the hours on a leisurely boat ride across Lake Zurich, savoring the breathtaking vistas from the vantage point of Uetliberg hill, or delve into the world-class art at Kunsthaus Zurich – it’s entirely up to you.

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