X5 ADVENTURE Travel Fishing Rod. Super Compact Travel Rod. 1 rod 5 fishing options. 2.2m (7’ 2”) + 1.9m (6’3″) lengths. The multi-function spin, baitcast, fly, travel fishing rod

    Amazon.co.uk Price: £74.99 (as of 10/04/2023 09:56 PST- Details)

    5 ROD COMBINATIONS: 1.Spin-Bait-Cast Rod 220m 7’ 2″ casting weight 5-15g, 5-20g | 2.Spin-Bait-Cast Rod 1.90m 6’ 3” casting weight 15-40g | 3.Fly. 2.15m 7’ #5-#6 weight rod | 4.Fly. 1.90m 6’ 3” #6-#7 weight rod. For river, lake, beach and light sea fishing.
    THE X5 SECRETS. 10 interchangeable sections for spin fishing, bait fishing, fly fishing and ledger fishing. And more! Reversible handle + 4 interchangeable tips, with compact durable design. Hybrid spin-cast eyes.
    SPIN, CAST AND BAIT PERFORMANCE: Superior 5 ball bearing steel reel 5:1:1 ratio, instant anti reverse, left or right wind, collapsible handle. Fly reel with one bearing. Sturdy frame and spool with U shaped design.

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