TourReview transforms trips and activities comments from customers administration with launch of Assessment Collector

TourReview transforms tours and activities customer feedback management with launch of Review Collector


This innovative device is poised to transform the way tour operators gather, process, and evaluate client feedback, further cementing TourReview’s commitment to prioritizing customers’ voices as their primary key performance indicator.

As part of ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving travel sector, TourReview has further refined its Evaluation Collector tool to accommodate emerging demands. The latest enhancements incorporate several pivotal new features:

  •  Providers can tailor their specific research endeavors to a high degree of customization. Consider selecting from a range of concern types, including binary scales, rating scales, Likert scales, or open-ended questions. Engaging audiences can be boosted by incorporating artistic elements, such as eye-catching emojis and relatable movie star examples, thereby enhancing the overall clarity of the message. 🎥👀
  •  Studies could be disseminated via diverse platforms, encompassing SMS, WhatsApp, and traditional postal services, thereby ensuring seamless accessibility and user-friendly convenience for clients.
  •  The Evaluation Collector’s dashboard delivers real-time insights into the aesthetic statistics of students’ energetic outcomes, empowering educators to monitor customer satisfaction and optimize their services with precision.
  • Operators utilizing the Assessment Master have single-interface access to manage and view all-collected reviews and ratings across various online travel agencies (OTAs). A widget can enhance an operator’s website by showcasing basic ratings and individual tour ranks, thereby bolstering online reputation and incentivizing potential customers to make bookings.

Identifying the most relevant research and survey formats is crucial for travel companies to obtain practical insights. TourReview empowers trip providers with robust customization options for surveys, enabling the capture of actionable insights tailored to their unique needs. The Assessment Collector’s versatile design, incorporating binary, scoring, Likert-scale, and open-ended questions, as well as aesthetically engaging elements, enables providers to collect rich and inclusive ideas.

As Juana Muro, Chief Working Officer at TourReview, remarks: “Throughout our development, we’ve come to understand the crucial significance that trip providers place on receiving authentic customer feedback directly following a tour or experience.” Since its founding, Trip Operators has enabled clients to streamline their online review management through Review Master, a cutting-edge AI- and BI-powered solution. Providers are now empowered to engage with customer reviews directly from a dedicated dashboard, leveraging advanced analytics including Net Promoter Score (NPS), rankings, sentiment analysis, and keyword identification.

As we capitalise on our previous achievements, we’re thrilled to unveil the Review Collector, a solution that effortlessly combines with the Evaluation Master for seamless collaboration. This innovative feature empowers tour operators to effortlessly gather online reviews from multiple booking platforms and seamlessly integrate them with their existing scheduling systems or upload them manually using CSV files. The Evaluation Collector offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing users to tailor study questions to suit their specific needs and disseminate them effortlessly through SMS, WhatsApp, or email.



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